How to sell your home at the best price?

Selling your home can be a difficult job, you have so many memories there, you have lived your best and worst days in that home and the journey has been like a roller coaster. Perhaps you always wanted to sell the home in the hope that the new owners will appreciate it as much as you have over the years. Preparing your home for sale is like preparing for a wedding. You want there to be no unexpected surprises or setbacks, you want everything to be perfect. This blog post will give you some ideas on how to sell your home at the best price to the right buyers.

Ideas to sell your home at the best price

Ask local experts

A real estate agent should be the first expert you connect with. They know the ins and outs of real estate better than anyone else. They will know the area’s recently sold properties. They’re also aware of how the market is going and if there’s an opportunity to ask for top dollar. 

Choose the correct time

The time you choose to sell your property can help you sell it faster and at a higher price. Studies suggest that the real estate business and investments are at their peak during the spring and summer seasons. However, especially when children are not in school, some areas differ depending on their location, so it is important to consult with an experienced agent to determine what the right time is for your property.

Price it Right

You don't want to overvalue your property. It is very important that you have a balance. Overvaluing your home can discourage interested buyers and it may take longer to sell. Overvaluation can make it difficult for you to move to a new home by delaying the sale of your current home. This delay represents an increase in your budget. A good start to selling your home is to keep a list of upgrades and appliances and price everything separately, then add some profit to the total price.

Essential repairs and renovations

Old, damaged homes are of no interest to most traditional buyers. Keeping your home in good condition will improve its price. Try to go the extra mile and do the necessary repairs like plumbing, cleaning, electrical, and all the things that are important to the quality of the home. If you decide to renovate the home, make sure you know the price and how much it will increase in value with the renovations. Additional renovations can be done to increase the price. For example, hardwood floors, redesigned kitchen, garden, and front lawn update or recessed lighting can all be nice changes. Most buyers like move-in-ready homes that don't need a lot of repairs and will pay more if you can provide a home that doesn't need any appliance repairs or upgrades. Upgrading is an option, depending on buyers and market interests. But some homes don't need a lot of repairs, and simply changing your living room lights can help you earn those extra dollars.


Hiding the details from buyers

Try to present your property in the best light. Organize your home as well as possible. Make sure your agent hires a professional photographer to take the best photos of your property. At The Monarch Group of Compass, we hire the photographer to take amazing, flattering photos and videos of your home so that interested people get a feel for how their lives fit in the home. Make sure to ask your agent to show potential buyers the best photos of the home, and provide a clear concept of the property so buyers can get to know their future home. Also, be honest with the buyer if there are any issues with the property. In most cases, this is a legal requirement.

Use the right method

How you sell your home affects the price. Most buyers are familiar with the laws and procedures of the real estate market. The procedure is to prepare your home for sale, choose the right real estate agents and legal advisors, list your home, show it to potential buyers, and finally close the deal between both parties. There are several ways to sell a property, but one of the most used is; a private sale that does not include any public agent and the deal remains private. This type of sale allows you to negotiate directly with the buyer and control prices. But you will need a real estate agent experienced in private sales. Interested people will send you the proposal to buy the house privately, it will be your choice to accept or reject them.

We hope this blog post helps you decide how to price your home and the best way to do it. If you would like more information you can contact us by calling (240) 393-6756 or emailing

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